FMNP Module Flash Drive


1) BE AN UF FMNP GRADUATE of the flash drive topic that you are ordering, OR BE CURRENTLY ENROLLED as a student in an upcoming or current course of that topic. 

* Graduates - prior to ordering, you must verify that you are listed in the UF FMNP online database at for the flash drive topic that you are ordering. If you are not in the database, we will automatically cancel your flash drive order and provide you webstore credit good for up to 1 year.  (Recent grads - read information down the page.) If you think that you should be in the database and there is an error, please contact the UF FMNP Office at (352) 294-3583. They should be able to help you. The webstore has nothing to do with FMNP registration, or recording graduation status.

2) SELECT THE CORRECT FLASH DRIVE TOPIC (Freshwater, Coastal, Uplands, etc.) at the top of this page using the click-down menu 

3) PROVIDE THE REQUIRED INFORMATION LISTED BELOW if you are a recent FMNP graduate or a FMNP student registered for an upcoming course, since you will not be in the database yet. If you do not provide the required information (course title, county, course code, date), your order will be cancelled and a webstore credit will be issued. No refunds.


Enjoy an electronic version of the FMNP course materials with color images and additional digital resources that are not found in the course booklet. 

Graduates: Are you a FMNP Graduate with a hardcopy workbook and you would like an electronic version? FMNP Graduates can now purchase an electronic version of their FMNP workbook. You must be a FMNP Graduate of the module you are ordering. Graduation will be verified via the UF FMNP online database prior to shipping directly to your address.


Recent Graduates and Registered Students: Want an electronic, color version of your course workbook with additional resources? Recent FMNP grads and registered students can now purchase an electronic version of each module. Graduation or registration status will be verified.  

For Recent Graduate and Registered Student Orders: You must provide the following information during the FMNP webstore checkout process. Without this information, your order will not be processed; instead, you will be given a webstore credit good for up to 1 year.

At checkout, type these items within the "Add a note to your Order" box, 

  1. FMNP course title (Example, Coastal Systems)
  2. County where course is taught (Example, Pinellas County)
  3. Course Code (Example, cs19-03) - this is on your registration confirmation paperwork and on UF's registration website page. (We do not want your registration code, which is a bunch of numbers like 5155 723445 2322.)
  4. Date course starts (month / date / year)

    Locating your Course Code on the UF FMNP registration website: Look on the FMNP website, find your course and click on it like you did when registering. Then on the first page of your course's information at the top in parentheses is your Course Code.



    No Refunds for Flash Drives: If the flash drive is not received for reasons listed on this webpage, webstore credit that is good for up to 1 year will be issued. Also, no refunds will be provided for shipped flash drives.  

    Webstore is not Involved in Your Course Registration: The FMNP Webstore does not have access to your registration information and does not participate at all with your course registration process. This information is for you to provide. 

    Only Available to FMNP Grads & Registered Students: FMNP module flash drives are available only to FMNP graduates or registered students of that module.

    Not Providing Required Information: If you do not provide the required information (course title, county, course code, date),

    • Your order will be delayed
    • If you do not contact the webstore with your required information within 3 days of ordering, a webstore credit will be issued. No refunds.

    Double Ordering: If you order a flash drive while registering for a course AND you order the same flash drive again through the webstore - you will receive a webstore credit. No refunds.

    Ordering Prior to Class Starting: 

    • If you order your flash drive at least 2 weeks or 10 business days prior to your course start date, the flash drive will be shipped to your instructor with the other FMNP course materials and it will be given to you by your instructor during your first FMNP class.
    • If you order your flash drive within 2 weeks or 10 business days of your course start date, the flash drive will be shipped after your class starts to the address you provide at checkout. The webstore cannot send course materials to registered students prior to the first day of class.