Florida's Living Beaches

Florida's Living Beaches

Florida has 1200 miles of coastline, almost 700 miles of which are sandy beaches. Exploring those beaches offers encounters with myriad plants, animals, minerals, and manmade objects. All are covered in this comprehensive guide with descriptive accounts of 822 items, 983 color images, and 431 maps. This guide to the natural history of Florida beaches heralds the living things and metaphorical life near, on, and within the state's sandy margins.


In addition to being an identification guide, the book reveals much of the wonder and mystery between dune and sea along Florida's long coastline. Each part of a living beach has its own unique intrigue and features such diverse items as ripples, sea foam, jellies, blue buttons, seashells, beachhoppers, ghost crabs, tiger beetles, heart urchins, sea pork, surf fishes, sea turtles, shore birds, beach mice, whales, beach flowers, dune plants, seabeans, driftwood, fossils, beach shrines, sea glass, Spanish treasure, sea heroes, and fishing curiosities.


Whether common or rare, powerful or delicate, beautiful or odd, each part of a living beach has a story to tell.

Blair and Dawn Witherington      

Size: 6 x 9       312 Pages