Barn Owl Egg (replica)

More durable than a real egg and without the hassel of getting a federal permit, this quality replica is filled with details making it appear real - great for educators!

Barn Owl Egg (replica)

Tyto alba

As their name implies, barn owls are known for nesting in barns, but they also use tree cavities and cliffs. The female lays an average of 6 eggs but can produce over 10 in a clutch. The nest is constructed of the female's own pellets. One can examine the regurgitated pellets of the barn owl to discover its diet.

Size: 1 5/8" High x 1 5/16" Wide

Acrylic stand included

All Bone Clones products are life size replicas, unless otherwise noted. As with all Bone Clones® products, only the finest casting materials are used to cast our North American bird egg series. Expert artists paint each with meticulous care to match the eggs that were used in the casting process. Each egg is hand painted with permanent dyes and sealed with a resistant coating that makes it ideal for handling, study, teaching, as well as for display. In nature, eggs vary from region to region as well as from bird to bird. The colors and patterns used were determined by the egg used as well as reference material to find a happy medium that would be representative of the species.
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