Dangerous Sea Life

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Dangerous Sea Life of the West Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico: A Guide for Accident Prevention and First Aid

Learn how to avoid dangerous creatures and how to administer first aid.
There are dangers in the seas around us, but this book can make water activities safer and more enjoyable. Learn how to avoid dangerous creatures—and how to administer first aid just in case you aren't able to avoid them.

There are sections on

  • species that bite: sharks, bony barracuda, moray eels, fishes, alligators and crocodiles, octopi, and sea lice
  • species that sting: jellyfish, stingrays, fire worms, fire coral, cone shells, sea urchins, and bony fishes (scorpionfish, cowfish, etc.)
  • species dangerous to eat: from cholera, paralytic shellfish poisoning, red tide, parasites, ciguatera, etc.
  • pests that harm swimmers: from various algae, bacteria, and parasites
  • toxic mucus-secreting species: sponges, fishes, and marine toads
  • fish beak and processing injuries: flying fish, billfish, swordfish, and shark skin.

There is also a chapter on human/animal interactions at modern tourist attractions.

Softcover; 6 x 9; 112 pages; 34 color photos and drawings