Grasshoppers of Florida

Grasshoppers of Florida

Authors John Capinera, Clay W. Scherer, and Jason M. Squitier

This first field guide to the grasshoppers to Florida introduces one of the most obvious and important, though litter appreciated, insect groups. It provides identification of the 70 species known to occur in Florida and may be used in other southeastern states where many of these species are also found. 

The authors present the biology, behavior, ecological significance, and damage potential of grasshoppers and emphasize their interrelationship with Florida's fauna. Straightforward, detailed descriptions, color photos, drawings and distribution maps make it possible to identify each species with accuracy. 

"Florida naturalists will be delighted by Grasshoppers of Florida. This wonderfully presented book unlocks an amazing world that previously was unavailable to most backyard and weekend naturalists."

- Richard Franz, Florida Museum of Natural History

143 Pages; Paper; Size 6 x 9