Habitat Evaluation FMNP Instructor Toolkit

FMNP Special Topics Lead Instructors - Reserve this fantastic UF FMNP toolkit for your next Habitat Evaluation class for free!

The large, durable Habitat Evaluation Toolkit is filled with hands-on gear for teaching your FMNP students about habitat management tools and techniques with emphasis on herbaceous, shrub and canopy cover. 

Take advantage of this wonderful Toolkit full of hands-on equipment, including a densiometer and other field activity gear. 

Who Can Reserve a Toolkit? Only current FMNP Lead Instructors who are listed on the UF FMNP website for that course may request a toolkit reservation. It is your responsibility to verify your information is current prior to placing your order. FMNP Website - Training Partners

To Place Toolkit Reservation: Click "Add to Cart" and go through the steps as if you are purchasing an item. The webstore will accept your reservation without any payment required. Reservations are first-come, first-accepted. 

Required Info Upon Checkout: Lead Instructors, during webstore checkout, these items listed below must be typed in the "Notes" box, otherwise your request is not complete and will not be processed. Suggestion - copy and paste 1-4 in the Notes section then fill in your correct information. 

1) County in which you are teaching the course (Ex. Pinellas County)

2) First and last dates of course (Ex. First - 1/5/18; Last - 1/1018) 

3) Name of whom the toolkit is to be sent AND the county in which they are an instructor. It can be sent to you as Lead, your Associate or Assistant Instructors. (Ex. Brian Lane, Pinellas County)

4) That instructor's complete address. If your address, please type 'See  my shipping address provided at checkout'. The toolkit will only be shipped to a current FMNP Instructor whose name will be confirmed via the online FMNP instructor list. (Ex. See my shipping address provided at checkout)

****If nothing is typed in the "Notes" box, your reservation request is not complete and will not be processed.****

Reservation Deadlines: Reservations must be made at least 2-weeks in advance of your first day of class and can be made up to 6 months prior.

Confirmation: You will receive an automated email response that we received your request. An additional email either affirming or denying your reservation (i.e. a conflicting previous request) will be sent to you soon after receipt of the reservation request.

Shipping Costs: Instructors don't pay shipping charges - these are coordinated through the FMNP Webstore and paid by the UF FMNP office. 

Toolkit Gear Condition: All gear and the complete toolkit are the responsibilities of the Lead Instructor. The gear is to be returned in the same condition as it was received. Please notify us immediately if something breaks or is lost - other instructors are depending upon these items after you. 

Return Due Date: Toolkit is due back to the FMNP Webstore office within 7 days after your class ends. 

This fantastic free toolkit for FMNP Instructors to use during their Wildlife Monitoring Special Topic course makes teaching even easier! We hope you try it!