Native Bromeliads of Florida

Native Bromeliads of Florida

Authors Harry E. Luther and David H. Benzing

Sixteen of the world's 3,400 kinds of bromeliads are found in Florida, along with two natural hybrids. These so-called "air plants" thrive on trees and shrubs as epiphytes, which means they have no roots in soil.

Identify and appreciate Florida’s 16 species (and two hybrids) of native bromeliads and learn...Do bromeliads ever harm their hosts? Are they parasites? Can any of them really live on air? Are the pretty ones easy to grow in my garden? And much more!

“A marvelously comprehensive and richly illustrated treatment--not just the current taxonomy, but number sections also address interesting aspects of native bromeliad biology.” — Dr. Gregory K. Brown, Professor of Botany, Bromeliad Research Lab, University of Wyoming

Paperback; 128 pages; 6 x 9; color insert, line illustrations and maps