Shorebirds of North America

Shorebirds of North America

Laminated Identification Guide

Author: Kevin T. Karlson


Florida is a birder's paradise, especially if you watch shorebirds. However, you need a handy, lightweight, waterproof field guide within arm's reach at all times, because you never know when you'll need it.


"Shorebirds of North America" is a must-have for keeping in your vehicle, tote bag, and backpack. This lightweight laminated guide contains over 200 color photos of all the breeding and commonly occurring shorebird species found in North America. Species accounts show breeding and nonbreeding plumages when differences occur, as well as many immature and juvenile plumages. Some similar species are shown side by side to allow for easier ID comparison, such as the dowitchers, yellowlegs and willets.


Each featured species includes a short description of their physical and plumage features, body and wingspan measurements, and preferred habitats. The status of each species, including seasonal frequency, resident or migrant occurrence, and breeding location and habitats are also noted.


This guide differs from other similar products by the increased number of photos for each species, which allows you to compare a variety of individuals on the same page. Having one is a must for anyone who wants to identify shorebirds anywhere in North America—and they fit in your back pocket when you complete your ID conclusion.